Seniors from New Jersey wearing caps and gowns and standing on the steps of East Hall (later Peabody), 155 Regent St., corner of Spring and Regent Sts. – (1st row – left to right): Shirley Vander Veer ’30 (Class President), unidentified student, Marjorie Balevre ’30, Marjorie Cook ’30, Ruth Hills ’30, Roma Horstman ’30, Kathryn Van Nest Law ’30; (2nd row – left to right): unidentified student, Cecilia Mutchler ’30, Helen Fassett ’30, Norma Trivett ’30, unidentified student; (3rd row – left to right): Alice Hageman ’30, unidentified student, Maragaret Sage ’30, Mildred Mowerson ’30, Mary Woolsey ’30